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Welcome to Omni One International

Our Vision: Individuals and communities as the source of their future


Omni One International has a unique structure of being a limited company and an NGO to be able to work powerfully with you whatever your business / NGO structure or as an individual. 

At Omni One we empower individuals, communities and corporations to bring out their talent and passion in service of their vision. Often it requires reaching beyond what they perceive as possible and becoming who they need to be to achieve their dreams. We believe that when people have the freedom to be who they truly are, to live their passion and give others the freedom to do the same we will achieve a peaceful world and a vibrant, balanced culture. We facilitate processes that give communities ways of drawing on the wisdom within their community, creating solutions that work in their particular situations and have full ownership of creating change. They become the source of their future.

We develop people's skills to create their dreams


We offer you programs At Omni One that help you regenerate, build peace, increase effectiveness and live a happy and fulfilled life. We close the gap between  theory  and  reality .We all have ideas but they often get distorted in implementation. The talent isto create the practical pathways that keep the intention of the vision pure andallow it to be implemented effectively. At Omni One, we don’t cut corners; we deliver quality services that achieve real results. 

Testimonial: "In times of conflict, whatever the scope,it's always a pleasure to be reminded of what peace can feel like. Celia, from OmniOne possesses the rare gift of accessing various learning styles in a natural and effortless way and moving the group toward community and connection. OurPeace and Leadership session allowed us access to important truths about ourselves and to conversations that matter about how we live and work together."

Jerry McGrath,Program Manager, The Banff Leadership Centre, Canada

Diversity to fit your needs