Omni One International Peace, Development, Enterprise and Training
Celia Bray - Psychologist and Consultant

About Omni One International

Omni One International is registered in Australia with experience working in India, Nepal, Kenya, Canada and the USA. Omni One has a flexible structure and a groupl of experienced consultants to collaborate with in different projects depending on need. Celia Bray is the principal consultant of Omni One International.  

Business, organisations and community exist where peoplevision and systems/structures meet. For healthy successful outcomes, these three pillars of the building need to be strong and supporting each other. Over the past 20 years Celia has been in Australia, India, Nepal, USA, Canada and Kenya working with leadership development, staff engagement, systems/structure and teams to strengthen each of the three pillars. Her passion is to assist individuals, businesses and communities to know how to work with the complexity of the system they are dealing with to fulfil their vision. 

Omni One's Philosophy is inspired by an Australian Aboriginal Elder who's response to missionaries that came to her area. She told them:

        “If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have

        come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us walk together…”

                                                            Lila Watson


At Omni One we believe that the wisdom and resources to create change often already exist within your company or organisation. Our job is to create the space for the strengths you already have to come forward so you can create solutions that work for you in your context. Starting with what already exists is a great place to plan and achieve what does not yet exist.


Our principles:

o   Listen, learn, and facilitate safe dialogue so the authentic truth and creativity can be experienced.

o   Assist the community to realise and connect with their strengths and capacity to move forward

o   Offer new ideas and skills as requested

o   Integrate all new learning holistically and sustainably

As a society we get addicted to wanting someone else to fix our problems for us. So our excuses become ‘we can’t do it ourselves’ or ‘we need more money /resources first’. This way of thinking disempowers communities and is inaccurate. When an individual or community realises that it does not need anything more to make a difference, they can start making changes. 

Vision and Mission

Our vision : Individuals and communities as the source of their future.


We are a hub for sustainable development, working internationally for a peaceful and a thriving future, with all individuals able to participate fully in all levels of society.


Omni One works on every level from individual, relationship to community / team to empowering business and organisations to explore their passion, initiate opportunities, become job creators and leaders for a strong and integrated future.


Our mission: Offering innovative services to communities and corporations that create space for individuals,communities, and organisations to explore their passions and take a proactive role as catalysts for sustainable development and holistic peace within the communities.


About Celia:

Celia Bray has won multiple awards for her work in Australia and internationally. She is experienced working in the corporate, community and organisational setting and partnering with multiple stakeholders including government, the United Nations, and International NGOs. She returned to Australia in June 2017 after 6 years working in India, Nepal and Kenya in international peace-building. She is currently working with the Tasmanian Government as the Project Director for Strong Families-Safe Kids (a redesign of child safety services). As well as program design and implementation expertise, Celia is a practicing psychologist offering trauma healing retreats, professional training and counselling services, including Open Floor Movement Practice. Celia specializes with working with people, assisting them to step into their own power, and people are people, whether individuals or working in corporations, NGOs, communities or anywhere around the world. She has made it a priority to work in diverse cultures to understand the commonalities we all share and the essential elements we need to be happy and fulfilled in all areas from personal to professional.