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Festival of Dreams Empowering Young People as the Source of Their Future
A Dream Coming True setting up a Business in IT Training
42 young people plus mentors at Festival of Dreams Kenya

Young People Creating Their Future

·   Discover your power to create your future andthe future of your community

·   Be supported as you turn your ideas to reality

·   Meet like-minded young people and ideas


Festival of Dreams is unique indesign and remarkable in the results achieved by participants. The year-long program develops the confidence, networks and structures to empower young people to realise their potential. There is a big gap between giving youngpeople skills and motivating them to take action on issues that are importantto them. Festival of Dreams inspires action and real outcomes that young peopleown.


This program starts with a three-daylive-in forum where young people share ideas. The agenda is set by the youngpeople and is based on what is important to them. The young people are mentoredfor 12 months after the three-day forum   where they are given guidance withimplementing their projects. After graduating from the Festival of Dreamsprogram, young people have the opportunity to join our leadership developmentprogram where they learn every aspect of how to implement the Festival ofDreams model in their community..

Testimonial: Iwas in the dark about my future and that [Festival of Dreams] was encouragingand made me realize there are lots of options out there and the only thingholding me back is myself. More confidence in my abilities and just getting itdone.’   Cameron , young participant in the Festival of Dreams Australia

Festival of Dreams started in Kenya in 2014. Stay tuned for updates!