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Peace Starts At Home Program working with parents to create strong relationships in the family
Peace Programs in the Community
Peace Advocacy and Awareness

Peace from the Home to the Community

Omni offers you services that draw from anumber of successful internationally used methodologies to assist in peace-buildingin your community. Some examples are:


  • Restorative Justice processes
  • Spiral Dynamics which is used to map and address the source of conflict
  • Open Space Technology which is a process of direct participatory democracy that supports communities to identify needs and create positive solutions.
  • Theatre / Dance based models that build community connection, awareness and understanding of the issues in ways that allow a community to move forward,heal pain and find new solutions in fun and supportive way.
  • Leadership development – all Peacebuilding required effective leadership
  • Trauma Awareness and Recovery
  • Psychology and counselling methodologies to assist individuals and groups to identify barriers to creating a positive future and to move beyond those barriers.  
  • Life / Community coaching where you or your community can create clear, practical and inspiring goals and achieve tangible results.


The breadth of knowledge and understandingthat Omni brings to your community enables you to effectively map the strengthsand weaknesses of your community, causes of conflict and work to transformconflict into a resilience and strength.


Peace can only exist when diversity ofperspectives are allowed and can be seen as a contribution rather than athreat. The difficulty for any culture is to be able to accommodate the diversity of perspectives in a way that strengthens both individuals and   the community.   Omni One can assist you with this process.