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Omni One specialises in designing training to fit your needs. Contact usso we can design something specifically for you. Below is an example of what weoffer, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Psychological CounsellingTraining – Learn the latest methodologies of MindfulnessACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) that have been proven effective in dealingwith anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and much more.
  • Open Space FacilitationTraining -   Learn how to facilitateforums using Open Space Technology.
  • Designing EffectiveWorkshops -   Learn how to design andfacilitate effective workshops.
  • Peace Building in YourCommunity -   create strong communitiesthat embrace both individual diversity and collective wisdom.
  • Leadership Development   -   Develop your capacity orthe capacity of your team/community to become effective leaders that fulfil theorganisational goals powerfully.
  • Empowering Communities inCreating their Future   - Develop proactivecommunities that are working towards solutions rather than dwelling onproblems.
  • Excellence in CustomerService -   Provide service thatleaves your clients and customers impressed and citing your business/organisation as a 'must do.'
  • Peace and Leadership -   A journey into the heart of the matter: A regenerative andexperiential workshop where you get to deepen peace within yourself and exploreleadership so you are congruent as a person and as a leader.
  • Peace Starts at Home – Domestic violence workshop that offersawareness and alternative ways to address conflict in the family withoutemotional, physical or verbal abuse.
  • Do No Harm – Learn how to effectively assess and designyour interventions in a community to maximize your positive impact and minimizethe negative impacts.


Testimonial: ‘The training fromOmni One went beyond my expectations. I did look forward to change and newtools. I got that and more. The tools that have been shared can be used tobring about sustainable change in areas like idea exchange and creativethinking, everyone’s participation, review process, implementation of ideas.The team leaders have been empowered to carry forward the change introduced.Helping me let go, giving me the tools required, helping me think differentlyfrom the way I have been trained so far, how to facilitate, empower. Shelistens non-judgmentally, uses questions well and provides a safe space.’Ashlesha Onawale, Deputy Director, Deep Griha Society, Pune, India  

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