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All knowledge, until it is in the body, is still a rumour – unknown

 'Since the beginning of time human beings have gathered to dance. Mindful movement is surging all over the planet because it's good for us. People who dance regularly have keener minds, greater emotional intelligence, and a calmer presence. Connection, compassion, and communities grow. In this challenging world, common sense tells us to spend time dancing.'

  Hobart Classes 

 I am teaching occasionally at the moment and on request for organisations. I will let you know when I schedule classes and post them on the Open Floor Tasmania Facebook Page.  

Henry Fowkes is teaching the last Friday of every month so check out  the Facebook page below for details. 

  Bring Water and wear comfortable clothes (and layers in winter)

Please check the facebook page below for details.

Move and Include

Join our Facebook group ‘ Open Floor Tasmania’ to stay updated  with classes and workshops in Tasmania!

 You can come to the regular classes or we can come to you to run Open Floor classes for stress management, team building, healing and fun. 

What is Open Floor?


Human beings are born to move. With dance we thrive – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Open Floor is a lively meditation practice that builds muscular and emotional intelligence. It is a dance floor discovery zone where we move and include: good days, tough ones, passion, hesitance, joy, sorrow, births, deaths, and everything in between. There are no steps to learn and no way to do it wrong.


Our teachers mix stirring music with clear guidance to inspire wild dances, tender ones, connections between dancers and solo time.


Research shows that people who dance grow more flexible, confident, capable of intimacy, and nimble in the face of challenge. When we move together, we grow communities that care for each other on and off the dance floor.


The invitation is to come just as you are and join others doing the same right alongside you.


Come join us on the Open Floor